About Us

Bristol Commercial & Residential Construction Company

About Us

Airsat Construction was established in 2000 in Bristol, trading as Airsat since 2011 despite operating in the industry for over 25 years.

The previous experience has evolved from early years of trading in the middle east and a lot of inspirations and innovative ideas that are implemented and showcased today in our projects are aspirations picked up from those early foundation years.

We are proud to be a part of Bristol’s construction scene. With a history that spans over 25 years, we have played a role in shaping the unique character of this vibrant city. From known landmarks to community areas, our dedication to top notch workmanship and innovative ideas has made a lasting impact on Bristols architectural landscape.

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO Mr Shahin Eslami, has endured lots of invaluable experience in the construction sector from the Middle East during his early days of involvement.

He then brought his passion and enthusiasm over to the UK and particularly Bristol and that has been the foundation of Airsat Construction.

Our journey started with a vision not to construct buildings but to create enduring legacies that enhance the lives of Bristol residents for generations. Through the years, we have refined our skills, broadened our capabilities and assembled a team of professionals who share our drive for excellence and commitment to service.

What distinguishes us is our dedication to surpassing expectations in every project we undertake. Whether its developments or commercial properties, we approach each endeavor with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. Our emphasis on workmanship, sustainable practices and creative design solutions has established us as a partner in Bristol’s construction sector.

However our achievements extend beyond the structures we create; they are rooted in the relationships we cultivate with our clients, collaborators and communities.

Looking ahead, our dedication to Bristol remains unwavering. We are committed to upholding our tradition of work, creativity and customer service while contributing significantly to the development and success of this dynamic city keeping aligned with the city’s top agenda of zero emission.

Come join us in shaping the future of Bristol through projects.

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Experience & Reputation

Crafting Excellence With Over 25 Years of Experience, Building Trust

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Expertise in Every Detail, Capability in Every Corner

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Building with Integrity, Communicating with Transparency